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The Taffetas is an animated series for girls about a bubbly Atlantean who tries to start a new life in a city filled with characters from myth and lore.

We are creating a pitch bible based on our concept.

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Our tumblr serves as an informal peek into some the artwork we develop for the series.

We also supplement our posts with fan work and fun sketches you won’t see on our official production blog.

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Contact us directly by emailing info@thetaffetaspitch.com!. You can always share your thoughts through Comments, Asks, or by finding us on our Facebook Fan Page & Production Blog.

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About Us

Yesenia Carrero and Tracy MacLauchlan are best friends residing in Kansas City, MO where they work as artists by day and develop The Taffetas by night.

10 Jul 14

More drawing while I wait for feedback again. I’m on a Sapphire kick! I don’t think it came across in the bigger images, but I imagine Sapphire wears her emotions on her sleeve. I want her to be expressive & boisterous.


More drawing while I wait for feedback again. I’m on a Sapphire kick!

I don’t think it came across in the bigger images, but I imagine Sapphire wears her emotions on her sleeve. I want her to be expressive & boisterous.

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3 Jul 14

Taffetas Insight Posts



Sometimes we write posts for you about things we’ve learned while working on our project. Here is a master list of all of them to date (they are not in order of creation, but grouped together according to content):

Taking A Stance On Our Story - What is the heart of a story? In this post, co-creator Tracy MacLauchlan explores The Taffetas' journey in understanding that to tell a meaningful tale, you don't just need characters and setting, but a reason for being- a theme - and discusses that in-context to the project. Also some babbling about the monomyth, but that's pretty cool to learn too.

Character Creation - Tracy MacLauchlan offers her researched perspective on creating a solid character through purpose, credibility, empathy, and complexity. She suggests ways to get in your character’s head, while reminding you not to lose sight of the big picture. The article ends with further reading recommendations.

Drawing Characters - Tracy MacLauchlan is the current artist for the Taffetas, and in this post she suggests how to start drawing your own characters, offering tips, advice, reading recommendations, and even walks you through a typical character drawing.

Let’s Draw Characters in Adobe Illustrator - Yesenia presents an informal Adobe Illustrator video demo of her vectoring a character image. She follows the exact process she uses for The Taffetas, and talks about intermediate tips and tricks in Adobe Illustrator.

Research, Research, Research - Why research? Yesenia illustrates through our own experience that hitting the books is the only way to strengthen your skills, lend credibility to your story, and sometimes even solve writer’s block. She offers research tips and advice for those who find the process daunting.

Sharing Your Intellectual Property Online - Co-creator Yesenia Carrero talks about posting original work online. Yesenia discusses her opinions, talks about idea theft vs. content theft, gives an overview on copyright law, and opens up the topic for conversation. This is a must read for anyone with a story to tell and an internet connection with which to tell it.

Monetizing Your Online Content - A recap of Linus Olsen’s lecture from Geekend 2012 on how to make money from your online content. Spoiler alert: you don’t make money off of your online content, but you can get people to reward you for it, and there things you can do to increase your chances that people will give you money for your efforts.

What topics would YOU like for us to write about next? Let is know on tumblr, our facebook, or through our e-mail.

Updated the list of Taffetas insight posts! Be sure to let us know about any topics you’d like us to write about.

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20 Jun 14
Are we going to be seeing any sweet backgrounds in the near future?Anonymous

After our character concepts, we will be world building, so yes, there will be backgrounds! Though I can’t say yet how near or far seeing anything visual from that is. We’ll likely hire an artist for this part since I can do backgrounds if I have to, but I don’t enjoy them and there are more talented artists who are much better than myself and enjoy it to boot. :)

- Tracy

20 Jun 14
Would you ever cameo other ocs in the bg of your project? Not like, crossover, but just bg characters of your favorite ocs?Anonymous


I’ve thought about it, but I think it is kind of tricky. For starters, it can be difficult molding someone else’s OC into your world because they might not quite fit or be too distracting as a background character, and once I allow one OC in, I might hurt someone’s feelings if I don’t add in someone else’s OC for whatever reason.  :/

That said, I’ve always thought of adding little nods to my close friends, like having a book or a movie in The Taffetas world actually be one of my friends’ projects. And that might happen.

Also,  I do like the model TOME uses where people can pay to have their OCs (or themselves) made into a background character of the show- it feels more fair that way, and any revenue to support the project would be absolutely fantastic xwx”/. So we’ll see. 

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