Our Pitch Project

About Our Project

The Taffetas is an animated series for girls about a bubbly Atlantean who tries to start a new life in a city filled with characters from myth and lore.

We are creating a pitch bible based on our concept.

About Our Tumblr

Our tumblr serves as an informal peek into some the artwork we develop for the series.

We also supplement our posts with fan work and fun sketches you won’t see on our official production blog.

Talk to us

Contact us directly by emailing info@thetaffetaspitch.com!. You can always share your thoughts through Comments, Asks, or by finding us on our Facebook Fan Page & Production Blog.

We follow the tags #veil-and-gemini or #The Taffetas!

About Us

Yesenia Carrero and Tracy MacLauchlan are best friends residing in Kansas City, MO where they work as artists by day and develop The Taffetas by night.


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